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I am a nerd, a gamer, an artist, and sometimes a writer when my muse stops by for a visit. I have a passion for late-night chatroom RPs, and when I do write, I love to create fresh, new, and creative stories.  Rod Serling, Jim Hensen, and Mark Twain are my role models and their works have instilled a sense of imagination unlike any other within the depths of my mind.

Most of the time I like to sketch simple pictures.  If I really like how something turns out, I'll even color it digitally.  Most of my artwork consists of anthro/cat based characters/creations, or realistic Pokemon (I told you I was a nerd!)

I served for six months in Minnesota on my LDS mission, then I was transferred back home to finish Service side.  My assignments included working with LDSTech, Missionary Blogging, serving at the Bishop's Storehouse, volunteering within local communities, serving in the South Jordan Temple cafeteria, and other "odd jobs".  Indeed one could say I've seen almost all the aspects a Missionary could be called to.

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    Book of Revelation 101: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    2 months ago

    "Apocalypse" is commonly believed to be "the end of the world", and the four horsemen spoken of in the Bible directly related to that period of time. This actually isn't the case at all...

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    My Story: To Hell and Back

    5 weeks ago

    Depression is a dark place to be, and the causes of depression are many. This is my story of betrayal, hopelessness, abandonment, depression, and forgiveness. This is my personal Hell, and back

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    Mormonism 101: What's a Mormon?

    8 months ago

    Most everybody has heard of the name Mormon. But, do you know who we really are? Are we a crazy wife-loving cult, or are we a friendly, caring, God-respecting people? Why don't you come find out for yourself?

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